Mental Training, Performance Enhancement and Wellness Services

Class Description

The College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences is offering community-based performance enhancement/mental training and wellness services for sport, exercise, and other performance type activities such as dance, music, performing arts, and the military. The services are designed to help performers who may be experiencing any number of performance related concerns with: building confidence, improving motivation, coping with stress, anxiety, challenge and adversity, setting effective goals, utilizing imagery, improving self-talk, communication skills, leadership and energy management, enhance their understanding of themselves as athletes through examination of values, and other performance related issues.

Class Schedule

By appointment only

Additional Class Information

Please note that while you may not be able to meet in person, the Sport & Exercise Psychology Program at WVU will continue to offer digital-consulting services in addition to in-person consultations. Utilizing programs such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, our doctoral-level consultants are here to meet the needs of the Morgantown community. The field of sport psychology has been utilizing digital-consulting services for a number of years, and we are able to ensure client safety and security while offering our services online.


Initial Mental Training Assessment, 60 minutes - $50
Individual session, 60 minutes - $40
Five, 60 minute session package - $175
Team presentation: no initial assessment required, 60 minutes - $100/hr