Latest Announcements

Shortened registration deadlines

Cole Smith |

Lifetime Activities class participants will now have up until the Thursday of the week before their class begins to register. In the past, participants had until the first day of class to register, but due to the adoption of our new registration system participants will be required to register early. All classes are still first come first serve and are listed on this website as soon as they are available for registration.

New registration system

Cole Smith |

This August, Lifetime Activities switched to a new online-only registration system. New users of this system will be required to create a new account in order to register a class. Please note that since our new system recognizes each person registering for a class or event as a "student", Household Accounts will need to be created in order to register children living under the same household. Multiple students/children can be registered under the same Household Account, however only the Primary Account Holder (parent) will receive emails in regards to class updates and registration information.