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If you would like to further your diving experience, these courses will provide you with the necessary training to expand your skills and dreams for open water diving.

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Latest news and announcements

  • WVU Lifetime Activities offers summer program registration

    West Virginia University Lifetime Activities will open registration for summer 2017 programs beginning May 1. Classes are available for all ages and in various locations on the WVU campus. Be sure to check out the featured camp programs, where children of all ages can be active and have fun this summer.

  • WVU Lifetime Activities hosts Aquatic Institute

    The Aquatic Institute 2017 blends a broad range of learning environments. Several of the classes offered are part of an aquatic facility management minor offered through WVU. Individuals may also complete courses for non-credit instruction, to either secure new certifications or renew existing ones.

  • WVU Lifetime Activities offers spring class registration

    West Virginia University Lifetime Activities will open registration for spring 2017 fitness and wellness classes for all ages beginning December 19. Classes are available in various locations around Morgantown and on the WVU campus.    

Featured classes
  • Group Fitness

    Group Fitness Classes

    Group fitness classes keep you motivated, healthy and can add variation to your workouts. There are different formats for individual interests and anyone can join in the fun.

  • Stansbury Fitness Center

    Stansbury Fitness & Wellness Center

    The Fitness & Wellness Center is committed to providing faculty, staff, students, and community members with quality supervised programs in a safe, enjoyable environment.

  • Kids Tae Kwon Do

    Youth Martial Arts

    Your child will get a kick out of exercise as they learn the discipline of Tae Kwon Do. This Korean marital arts form provides physical and mental training for children of all ages.