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Tai Chi is a traditional form of Chinese exercise that has recently gained popularity throughout the world. While it is still considered a martial art, most people today practice Tai Chi for its many health benefits. In this course we will work on the Yang 24 form, often referred to as "short form" or the "Beijing form." It is the most popular Tai Chi form in the world, and is suitable for all ages and athletic abilities. Many clinical studies have demonstrated that it is an especially valuable exercise for improving flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness.

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Tai Chi Instructor:  Joe Super

Joe is a WVU Professor Emeritus of History, and a long term student of Tai Chi.  He has studied four of the five major styles of Tai Chi, and currently spends most of his time on the Yang and Sun styles. In addition to teaching Tai Chi as a form of exercise, he sees it as an art, discipline, much like studying the piano or learning a language.  In teaching the course, he follows the examples of Dr. Paul Lam for the Yang and Sun forms of Tai Chi.  The method is simple but effective: “watch me”, “follow me”, and then “show me”.   As each movement of the form is studied, emphasis is placed as much on developing the internal qualities of Tai Chi as on the external movements. When Joe teaches a course, you will usually see his wife, Linda, assisting him. Both Joe and Linda are certified by International Tai Chi for Health Community, and by the American Red Cross for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED.